Mobility One, Monday from 10-11am

Ready for a basic all over mobility class? Mobility One is the beginner level class to tease out strength and flexibility imbalance and get you moving pain free.

Mobility One, Monday from            6-7pm

We offer Mobility One twice on Mondays to give those with a busy schedule a chance to catch a class at a time that suits them. Contact Danny for more info.

Mobility Two, Wednesday from 6-7 pm

Intermediate, lower body ankle, knee and hip mobility and middle split training. This is the lower body strength and flexibility training you’ve probably never done!

Dynamic Training, Saturday from 9-10am

Starting the beginning of March we will be running a Hiit class Saturday mornings. Get ready for summer early with dynamic, explosive strength building fun!

Contact Danny on (867)333 4588 for more info on the Livestream clkasses or to register