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What Do You Teach At Castle Fitness Workshops?

Castle Fitness workshops are designed to teach participants simple, but complex fundamental static and dynamic positions and movements to reduce joint strength and flexibility imbalance. Everyone can benefit from enhanced joint health and all are encouraged to attend a workshop regardless of current athletic ability. Mobility training is the same regardless of whether your goal is to increase pain free movement or enhance athleticism. Contact Danny anytime on (867)333 4588 if you have questions or would like to register for a workshop.

Where And When Do You Run Workshops?

Workshops now run almost exclusively online, (occasionally we still do live workshops). We will run regular lower back mechanical pain, hip and joint mobility workshops throughout the winter months and dates and times will be posted below.

Who Will Benefit From Workshops?

Many people suffer needlessly with joint and mechanical lower back pain and soreness. Issues develop generically over long periods of improper joint use and repetetive movement which leads to joint strength and flexibility imbalances. Problems in one joint or area will often become triggers for soreness in other areas and joints. Much of the time, these issues can easily be addressed using fundamental static and dynamic exercises designed to increase joint mobility, anterior, posterior and core strength all while increasing pain free movement.

Where Do I Go After I've Taken A Mobility Workshop?

Once you have taken a workshop, we run regular mobility classes at both the beginner and intermediate level which allow participants easy access to livestream training models to effectively increase joint strength and flexibility and enhance athletic performance.

How Do I Register And Pay For Workshops?

Registration for all of our workshops is done by contacting us directly. Danny can be reached at (867)333 4588 and Julia can be reached at (587)297 4532 or by  emailing Danny at Payment is either by E-transfer (preferred) by emailing Danny at or, if you prefer, cheque through the mail or in person.

What If I Would Rather Have A One On One Session Than Attend A Workshop?

If you would rather arrange an online assessment and program development with Danny, no problem! He will be happy to speak with you and have a livestream or in person session. Contact Danny at (867)333 4588 for more info and to chat in person anytime.

Have Additional Questions About Castle Fitness Workshops?

Contact Danny on (867)333 4588 or Julia on (587)297 4532 or email Danny at for more info or to register for a workshop.